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1. Will it become a safety hazard?

The older your sign, the more visible those wear and tears are. Long hours of exposure in the sun will make the quality deteriorate even faster. So if your Signs look like one from the 90s, you may want to consider a new signage instead of reusing them to avoid it becoming a safety hazard.

2. Is it cheaper to do a new one?

Lets be honest here. Depending on the value of the sign, it may not be feasible to reuse the signage. Dismantling an existing sign requires companies to charge a transport & service fees, which should definitely be added in your relocating budget. If you are intending to do a refurbishment to the existing signage before reinstalling, the cost of refurbishment may cost higher than making a new one. This is subjective of how the sign is fabricated. For example, to refurbish a sign with a new coat of paint, the old sign have to be cleaned, sand down and primed for paint, even before any paint works takes place!  Thus, if the value of the existing sign is too low, refurbishing it may cause it to be more expensive than doing a new one! To find out how much it will cost to refurbish your sign, feel free to contact our customer support team.

3. Signs may get damaged during removal.

Signs are generally permanent fixtures to an office or buildings, therefore we are very stringent on the mounting procedures we use to ensure that the Signs becomes part of the architecture. There are no perfect removals. Companies are unable to guarantee that the process will not damage the existing sign. You should consider that this may happen and factor in the cost of a refurbishment or making a new one.

4. Partial refurbishment will cause inconsistency with the existing sign.

To minimise the fees involved, you may consider to only refurbish or replace parts of the sign that is damaged during removal. It is important to note that there will be inconsistency between the refurbished and the existing sign pieces. Signs with a new layer of paint coat or new LEDs will look brighter than the old. Additionally, companies will be unable to give you a firm quotation if it is a partial refurbishment as it is depending on which area of the sign is affected (e.g. paint coat, LEDs, mounting brackets) during removal. Unexpected outcome of the dismantling works may cause bitterness between parties, affecting the timeline and progress for the relocation.