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Lightbox refers to Signage that is designed in a way where all the lightings is fitted into the same “boxed up” area. It is a good option for companies who wants a signage that is cost-efficient and easier to maintain.

Lightbox ranges from the classic versions that uses standard aluminium frames to customised shapes outlined to your brandings. Lightbox uses a combination of materials & techniques involving acrylic & metal works, accompanied by large format printing or paint works.

Various Lightbox Signage Styles

1. Classic Lightbox Signage 

Made using standard range aluminium frame, this method of lightbox is a preferred option due to easy access for maintenance or replacement of design. 

2. Lightbox with lighted text

In this style, the base is an opaque colour with only the logo & text lighted up. 

3. Round Lightbox

Made for round logos, perfect for mounting on narrow pillars or wall.

4. Custom Shaped Lightbox

 Lightbox can be customised into shapes according to your logos. Unique shapes that fits your branding and interior finishing makes it stand out even more.

5. Outlined Lightbox

Lightbox can also be customised to ‘outlined’ your logo design. This form of lightbox makes your logo looks like a whole instead of individual letters. A good option for logos with tight spaces between typography.