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3D Acrylic Sign


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    3D Acrylic Sign

    3D Acrylic Sign is a widely popular choice as it is highly customisable and easily maintained. Best suited for office environment, reception areas, retail shops, or locations that is difficult or costly for electrical works.

    Precise die-cut according to the outline of your logo
    3D effect based on the thickness of acrylic used

    Easily customised to your corporate brand colours based on PANTONE codes.
    Colours comes in Gloss or Matte finish

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    Colour Finishes


    Gloss finish enhances the colours of your branding. Glossy colours will look smoother, brighter and reflective. This is suitable for users who likes their logo to give off a shiny surface with their room lighting.


    Matte colour finish reduces the glare from direct lighting but it makes the colour more dull. Suitable for users who want to avoid glare and seeks the touch of sophistication that matte finishes provides.

    Acrylic Thickness (3D Effects)

    Our Acrylic Sign comes in 4 standard thickness, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. Based on our countless experience with acrylic sign, these thickness are best options in terms of design and cost.

    Acrylic thickness affects 3 factors: depth of graphics, reflective level and material integrity. Strong depth gives your branding a level of sophistication and a timeless look. However, the thicker is it, the more reflective it is. Thus if placed near direct sunlight, we advise using a thinner acrylic.

    For signage larger than 1 meter, we advise to use a minimum of 8 mm to avoid the material from bending. For specific thickness requirements, please contact customer service.

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