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Printed Sign

Printing is a common method to fabricate signs suitable in various environments. Using commercial printers, printed signs are seen in offices, retails and way-finding for architectures.

Commercial Printers

We use commercial printers to increase the lifespan of our prints when use in harsher outdoor conditions.

Our printing capabilities allow use to print up to 1500mm width and unlimited length.

Complex Designs

Regardless on the complexity of your design, printed signs is able to print gradients and transparency.

Commercial printers print in CMYK colours.

Various Mounting Options

Easy Installation and various mounting options are also available based on site requirements.

Material Variants

1. Acrylic sign

(reversed printed)

Reversed printing refers to your sign graphics being laminated by the piece of crystal clear acrylic.

For acrylic signs, we recommend using reversed-printing. It creates a level of depth and crystal-effect finish on your brand. Utility wise, it also acts as a protective layer for the graphics

2. Acrylic Sign

(direct printed)

This finish refers to directly having your graphics applied onto the surface of your acrylic. This method is a cheaper method and the acrylic acts as a flat base to ensure that your graphics does not distort.

Default colour for acrylic used in direct printing is white colour.

3. Aluminium

Printed designs on aluminium base. The use of aluminium is for its durability as it can withstand outdoor conditions.

As seen in traffic signs, road signs, statutory signs. 

4. Corrugated Polycarbonate

Printed designs on corrugated polycarbonate sheet. Material is available in large sizes, thus it is commonly used in large sized signs to avoid having joint lines. 


5. Kapaline Foamboard

Kapaline foamboard are cost efficient & light-weight. Suitable for temporary prints such as for events usage, temporary display. 

6. PVC Foamboard

PVC foamboards are light-weight & rigid materials suitable for both indoors and outdoors environment. 

7. Aluminium Composite

Formed using two thin layers of aluminium bonded onto both side of a core. Aluminium composite panels are light-weight and is comonly used in large sized signs. Suitable for outdoor usage. 

Mounting Finishes

Tape/Wall bond

Printed signs can be mounted directly onto your wall using double-sided tape or reinforced with additinoal wall bond.

Suitable for indoors only, no recommended for signs that is too large.

Decorative Spacers

Signs can be mounted using decorative nuts at each corner. Commonly seen in office spaces. 



Framed sign is a popular choice when it comes to looking for a cost-efficient way for a large company sign.

The frame helps to secure the print layer, ensure the sign details will not warp and allows the signage to be mounted without visible screws that may look unslightly.

Metal brackets / Stands

Customisable metal stands to mount signs in various conditions. Mounting for interior spaces such as ceiling or windows. Or outdoors conditions like lamp post or ground mounted stands.

What finishes is available for prints?

Default print comes in matte finish. This is recommended as it reduces glare to improve hte readability of the signs. Prints options available in gloss or matte. 

Do you provide warranty for your prints?

All our printed signs comes with a 1 year warranty against print fade. 

Do you laminate the prints?

We only use quality materials for our signs. All printed signs are protected with outdoor laminations to enhance its durability in outdoor conditions.

Will the prints shrink?

Prints will shrink slightly after prolonged period under heat or sun. For our material used, shrinkage is minimal at only approximately 0.3mm-1mm.

How do I maintain printed signs

For indoor signs, it is recommended to use mild soap and cloth to remove dust that may build up over time.

For signs placed in outdoors, it is easier to have built up grime and dirt overtime due to weather conditions. Regular cleaning is recommended to avoid strong grime to build up.