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Our Story

We are a local manufacturer with close to three decades of experience. We offer turn-key services on all project scale. Avoid middle-man fees which compromise on the material and service quality. We provide fair pricing in the market with exceptional service and reliable manufacturing quality.

Since 1990, Sturdy Sign & Acrylic Products focus on giving the professional advice to conceptualise and creating the ideal display. 27 years of experience allows us to provide a one-stop service for all your offline advertising needs. Many customers overlook the importance of this factor.

“As a direct manufacturer, we are able to control the quality of your products, faster production time and stronger post-sale services.”

With our in-house industrial level machinery, our service covers the entire operation from consultation all the way to delivery, production & installation. We are also familiar with the necessary licensing required for advertising display in Singapore. When required, we will get the necessary approval & licensing such as:

  •        Professional Engineer Structuring Endorsement
  •        Outdoor Advertising License (Building Construction Authority)
  •        Road & Pavement Signage (Land Transport Authority)
  •        Heritage Neighbourhood/Areas (Urban Redevelopment Authority)

If you choose to work with us, we are inclined to provide you with a good experience.