Building & Construction Signs

Our company is equipped with the expertise and production capacity to undertake construction projects of all scale.

Our expertise allows us to manufacture sign designs according to architectural drawings. Our in-house production capacity ensures greater speed and quality control.

retail & branding Signs

“Think of your customers taking pictures with your sign to commemorate their visit.”

Retail sign is always a positive investment because it represents your business and also connects with your audience. With clear communication, our sign consultants can recommend designs which fit your aesthetic & budget requirements.

Large Format Printing

Large format printing ranges from wall murals, billboards, vehicle wraps and backdrops.

Our printer can print up to 50 inches wide graphics with unlimited length. For graphics wider than 50″, our graphics and installation team will split the design smartly to make it as seamless as possible.

Branding & Marketing Displays


Displays that provides additional information to your customer, or simply an iconic display that enhances your branding.

Our displays ranges from retail pos displays such as brochure, menu holder to fully customised as per clients’ needs.


We can design and mass produce merchanising displays for your retail and events. Our in-house facilties and consultants can offer advice on material limitations and make test prototypes.

Rostrums / lectern

We specialised in acrylic and metal models which looks more modern vs. traditional wood models.

Our Skills

Acrylic Models

Acrylic models to feature your products or display your marketing contents

Sign Making

Signs represents that you are an active business! Increases your credibility, walk-in customers navigation and empowers your branding.

Large Format Printing

Posters. Decals. Banners. We got you covered.

Design & Conceptualise

We provide design and technical drafting services

Refurbishment & Reallocation

Give your sign a new look by replacing your old lights, print new graphics or a fresh coat of paint.

Sign Licensing & Workplace Safety

Assist you in adhering to legislation in terms of signage licensing and workplace safety

Why Us?

The things we do for you.

Honest Pricing

Transparent pricing sets ourselves apart from our competitors

Buy with Confidence

6 Months Warranty.

Matching Brand Colours

We do our best to match your sign design with your corporate colours

Service Support

From Designing Works to Customer Service

Our Track Record

Years in Industry

Combined Years of Experience

Happy Clients

“Having worked with Sturdy Sign the last 7 years and done over 35 commercial and residential projects. Raymond and team have never disappointed. They gave me great design and signage ideas, and also deliver on time and with great quality. I would strongly recommend this professional team to anyone!” Daniel Ong

Entrepreneur, Twelve Cupcakes, CEO of Rookery,, Danwerkz, Brewlander & Co and ProGreen Systems pte ltd

“We have worked with Sturdy Sign for our many signage and billboard requirements over the years. The team is extremely competent and focused to deliver high quality work on schedule and at competitive prices. We highly recommend them!” SavourWorld

“The work site was left clean and nicely done. It certainly met all our expectations. I would strongly recommend Sturdy Sign to all our friends!” Rebecca

Luminous Dental Group

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